Andrew J. McMichael, MD


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Scientific Leadership Group Member
Leader of T cell Immunology Discovery Team
Leader of Innate Immunity Discovery Team

Andrew J. McMichael, MD qualified in Medicine in 1968 and obtained a PhD in Immunology in 1974. He has worked primarily on human T cell immune responses to viruses. He first showed that virus specific CD8 T cells were HLA restricted and his group demonstrated that virus derived peptides were presented to T cells by HLA class I molecules. Since 1987 he has studied the T cell response to HIV, with a particular interest in virus escape from T cell recognition. For the last five years he has focussed on HIV vaccines. His group have designed and tested two candidate HIV vaccines in phase I clinical trials. His group has also been involved in developing novel methods for measuring T cell responses including HLA tetramers, and cultured elispot assays.

He is currently Director of the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford University, Honorary Director of the Medical Research Council Human Immunology Unit, Chair of the Infections and Immunity Board of the MRC and a member of MRC Council. He was recently elected a member of EMBO and is a Fellow of the Royal Society.