David Goldstein, PhD


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Scientific Leadership Group Member
Discovery Team in Host Genetics Leader
Host Genetics Core Director

David Goldstein, PhD is Director of the IGSP Center for Population Genomics & Pharmacogenetics. Dr. Goldstein received his PhD in Biological Sciences from Stanford University in 1994, and from 1999-2005 was the Wolfson Professor of Genetics at Galton Laboratory in the Department of Biology at University College, London. He is the recipient of the Wolfson Research Award, given by the UK’s Royal Society for his work in human genetics and genomics.

The author of over 70 scholarly publications in the areas of population and medical genetics, Goldstein’s principal interests include human genetic diversity, the genetics of neurological disease, and pharmacogenetics. He is on the editorial boards of Current Biology, Annals of Human Genetics, and Molecular Biology and Evolution, and Human Genomics.

Goldstein research focuses on how genetic variation influences response to drug treatment, and how genetic variation contributes to problems caused by drug-drug interactions.