Guido Ferrari, MD


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Investigator in Clinical Sites Core: Duke Repository

Guido Ferrari, MD received his degree in Medicine in 1985. After studying the cross-clade CD8+ T cell responses elicited in HIV seronegative subjects by candidate vaccines, he has developed an ELISpot assay that allows the detection of low frequency anti-HIV specific IFN-gamma responses in vaccines. His studies have demonstrated that the hierarchy of CD8 responses in vaccines more closely resembles those observed in acutely rather than chronically HIV-1 infected individuals. In collaboration with Drs. Michael Betts (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) and Paul Goepfert (University of Alabama, Birmingham), he has recently studied the functional and phenotypic characteristic of vaccine-induced anti-Gag T cell responses and the changes in these responses following HIV-1 infection.

Dr. Ferrari is currently an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Surgery, Division of Surgical Sciences at Duke University Medical Center. He is directing the ELISPOT, CTL, and ADCC laboratories for the HVTN central laboratory at Duke. He has been serving as a WHO/UNAIDS Vaccine Initiative consultant for the past six years, and coordinated the organization of 5 international workshops for the transfer of ELISpot and ICS technologies to new laboratory sites involved in HIV vaccine studies.